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DSCN4811Traditional garments of Hutsuls are characterized by picturesque and colorfulness.
Men's clothing included a white shirt of its own product, embroidered from the front, put on its pants - "porcelain", from black or painted on a red cloth - in the winter of white woolen "hooks", wrapped in a wide belt "cheres" - with various embellishments, extruders and "dowries » On top of the shirt, they put on a "captarp", which were actually shells without sleeves, embroidered with colored sapphire with copper and capricious droplets and buttons, often decorated with color volition.

For shoes, the leather walkers-staves, tied up with "drawers", wore stockings - "captcha", braided with a color volition. Constantly wore leather bags - "tebivki", which were tucked over the shoulder, they were always decorated with extruders and cheeky buttons.

The headgear could be a black cresenza with a "galley", trusunki and pawami. On the kiptar was worn by the serpent - "baybarak" from a black or dyed dress, also decorated with various patterns and corners.

Young people always had a Tupir-Bartka with them, or a "cell" differently rituered. The elderly men took with them a stick - "klibuk". In the past, almost every hutsul with cherries (wide folding strap) had pistols with carved knobs, they carried a carved hollow from a reindeer horn through one shoulder, and through another they were wearing a gunshot gun.

Women's clothes.
The women's costume from Hutsuls was even more colorful and complicated than men's. It was not accepted to cover the heads of the girls, they sneaked into the spit yellow "groom" with mournful "whores". Element of female appendage was also a chalk.

Women's shirts were embroidered "shoulders", embroidered also covered sleeves - later, and "brats". The kiptariki were sewed differently, or worn out, they were dressed up with richly decorated serpents. Red and black colors dominated with yellow, green, sometimes blue and pink ones.

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