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Keptar Hutsulsky "Kosmach"

Артикул товара: 71-203749

Availability: In Stock

Handmade. Technique: natural sheepskin, furry, embroidery, applique. Under the order! Duration 20 days.
23800,00 грн.
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Keptar is a sleeveless fur hood, which has been used by the people of the Carpathians and the Carpathians since ancient times. They are made of sheepskin and decorated with colored garlic, woolen, tin plated, ciliated cotton lace and stomach.
Keptar has significant local variability in terms of length and decoration. It is characterized by the symmetrical arrangement of the decor with the advantage of geometric ornamentation. By their nature, the decoration is divided into Kosiv, Kosmak, Verkhovyna and Nadvirna.


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