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The outskirts of Kosov are rich in clay. So pottery has been developing here since ancient times. They made pots, pitchers, bowls, a cup - all the necessary home utensils. But the decorative ceramics, as we know it today, originated somewhere in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The painting uses a wide range of geometric and plant motifs. The pattern is applied freely. The background of the product is densely covered with angles, circles, diamonds, hooks, lines, often used "an empty letter" (hatching crosswise).

Vegetative motifs are associated with the general traditions of the Ukrainian vegetation pattern, flowers, buds, flowerpots, twigs, leaves, garlands and others are depicted.

But the most beautiful in the ceramics of Hutsuls - plot paintings that convey the wildlife, depict animals and people in the surrounding world. Scenes depicting humans and animals reflect the artist's observations, his attitude to events, and pass on the philosophy of world perception.

Colors of Kosovo ceramic painting - like the echo of the cool and clean Carpathians, pierced by sunlight of the forest, clear high skies, rapid mountain rivers, green meadows.

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