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Specific socio-economic, historical and geographical conditions contributed to the creation of original types of decorative art of Hutsulshchyna, which distinguished it among other centers of folk art in Ukraine.

The rich natural resources of wood contributed to the broad development of carvings, which has now become the most popular and favorite artistic craft of local craftsmanship.
Artistic treatment of a tree - it is a number of articles made of it, various forms, technical means of execution and decoration. Their intended purpose determined the nature of artistic and technical methods of wood processing. Already from ancient times, Hutsul carvers were famous for their perfect professional skill in creating various types of products, ranging from furniture and completing small household things.
Of household items in Hutsulshchyna were decorated with carved chests, beds, handicrafts, shelves, utensils (bowls, butchers, barrels, baklages, bottles), household items (vases, tarneys, saddles, cups), architectural parts (doors, door frames , bastards) and objects of different purpose (sticks, toparts, pistols, rifles, etc.).

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Trash can "Drovarnik"

350,00 грн.
Ideal for transferring firewood. Lightweight, very durable, long service life without loss of form. Length - 34 cm. Width - 30 cm. Height - 34 cm. Delivery possibilities: 10 pcs. / week The deadline for the order ...

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