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Topiretsʹ «Hutsulʹsʹkyy»

Артикул товара: 102-752311

Availability: In Stock

Handmade. Methyl: мельхиор, brass. Technique of execution: weave, soldering with hard solder, engraving, manual mounting.
8400,00 грн.
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The tower - in the past weapons, in later times, the attribute of the rite. The toper consisted of an old-fashioned ax and an ax tree. Bartka was sometimes cast of metal, most often brass or was also wooden, covered with metal, and encrusted with metal, beads and pearls. It is possible that the topire was used by men as a stick along with a cellphone.

Lithium toparries depicted the heads of birds and horses, while the cells were decorated with heads of kites. The Toopir's ornament consisted of a circle with a six-pin socket or a circle divided by a cross into four parts, which was located in the center. Also decorated with toppings in smaller circles, diamonds and wavy or zigzag lines, elongated triangles.

Topors were used in wedding ceremonies. The couple at the wedding had a prince and his friends, as well as some other members of the wedding. In Hutsuls and Boyuk in the end. 19 centuries the princesses were cut off with a whipped teal. As well as leaving the house before marriage, they gave the tops and kelfs the honor of the rapids.


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