content return 2 01All goods purchased on the site are subject to the law of Ukraine "On consumer rights protection". To avoid misunderstandings, we ask that you pay attention to the following procedure for the exchange or return of goods.

When the buyer has the right to return or exchange the purchased product:

In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine there are two cases in which the buyer can return (or exchange) the purchased goods:

The product is defective, has significant disadvantages that make it impossible to use it (the fault of the manufacturer or supplier company);
The product of proper quality, but for some reason did not come to the buyer, while the product was not in use, the integrity of the package (seal, etc.) and the settlement document are kept.

What to do in case of improper product quality?

To begin with, the necessary expertise, conducted at the service center to confirm the presence of significant disadvantages. To do this, at the place of sale of the goods to write a statement to conduct an examination and sign the act of acceptance of the product for examination.

The buyer may return goods of inadequate quality if the defects are substantial and arose from the fault of the manufacturer.

If deficiencies are insignificant, the buyer is entitled to their free removal within the established legislative term.

If as a result of the examination it is established that the defects of the product arose from the fault of the buyer, he is obliged to reimburse the costs associated with conducting the examination. Elimination of defects caused by improper operation is also carried out at the expense of the buyer.

What are the conditions for exchange and return of good quality goods?

If from the date of purchase of the product no more than 14 days have elapsed and the product has no traces of operation, the integrity of the package, the appearance, the consumer properties, seals, markings, as well as all documents received from the seller (checks, warranty coupons, operating instructions) are kept.
If a gift has been added to the product, it must be returned with the item. In addition, the gift should not contain traces of operation, its appearance, consumer properties, seals and factory packaging should be kept. If a regular customer card has been issued at the time of purchase, it will be canceled.
Not subject to the exchange and return of goods related to the list specified in Annex № 3 to the CMU Regulation No. 172 (printed editions, soft toys, audio, video tapes, disks for laser reading systems, scallops, baby goods: diapers , nipples, feeding bottles, etc.).
If at the moment of exchange of the similar product is not in sale, the consumer has the right:
to buy any other goods available, with a corresponding recalculation of the cost,
get back the money in the amount of the cost of the returned goods,
carry out the exchange of goods on a similar basis at the first receipt of the corresponding product for sale.
When returning money settlements with the buyer are based on the value of the goods at the time of purchase. Money returns not later than within 7 days from the moment of confirmation of the absence of a breach of warranty obligations on the part of the buyer.

Under what conditions will it be refused to replace the product with a new one?

If the product has been in service and has defects or is incompletely completed.
There is no document confirming the fact of purchasing a product (cash or merchandise check) or a warranty card for the purchased goods.
Since the purchase was more than 14 days.

What rights does a buyer have when purchasing a product of inadequate quality?

The buyer has the right to demand a reduction in the price of the goods.
Has the right to repay the defects of the goods free of charge in due time.
Has the right to reimbursement of expenses for elimination of defects of the goods.

What do I need to do to refund?

In order to return funds that were spent on the purchase of low-quality goods, the buyer must submit to the seller at the place of purchase the relevant written application, which will specify the buyer's requirements and the reasons for the return of the goods.

In addition to the reason, the following information must be indicated in the application:

- data of the document establishing the identity of the buyer who returns the goods (series and number of the passport, date and place of issue);
data on the goods (name of the goods, factory, (serial) number, the article, the date of sale, the price on the date of sale);
amount of money returned for returned goods.

The return of funds is from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00, and only on condition that there is a payment document and a document certifying the buyer's identity in the shop where the purchase was made.

If the goods you want to return or exchanged have been delivered by courier or motor transport companies, the return of the goods to us is carried out at the expense of the sender. The item can be returned by courier services.