We offer you designer furnishings of houses and apartments in the Hutsul style.

The main task of our designers is to design a room that corresponds to the personality of the person who has to live or stay in it, its habits, temperament, way of life. Well, of course, to satisfy the tastes and advantages of the owner. And the Hutsul style with which our designers work, is carried out using only natural materials inherent in Hutsulshchyna: wood, metal, vine, clay, natural fabrics, sheepskin and the basis of our design are handmade.

    2At the same time, the main task of the designer, taking into account the lifestyle and wishes of the owner of the house, is to make the interior design of the house, the sauna, the bath or the cottage a common line traced, and its individual elements harmoniously and naturally interconnected, creating a whole image - determined style of living.

    The designer, if necessary and at the request of the customer, will find the perfect combination of different materials in the space of one room or the entire building.

    Each of the inhabitants of the house has its own tastes, and everyone has to have a corner in the house in which he would feel as comfortable as possible. But such a house risks turning into an accumulation of non-interconnected objects and design details. Finding a solution and organically combining the wishes of all members of the house, cottage or cottage is a direct task of our designers.

    Huzulschyna is a very ethnic and original part of Ukraine and its very originality makes people feel especially natural and free. And the Hutsul style in the interior design and exteriors allows you to feel the special atmosphere and comfort of a person due to the aroma and structure of natural materials, and the special Hutsul art style created by craftsmen.

5The modern world is increasingly striving for new design solutions and styles, and is increasingly turning to ethnic and forgotten. Recently, the Hutsul style in the interior is becoming more and more relevant and gaining popularity.

Exterior (french extrieur, exterior exterior) - the artistic and architectural design of the building, and adjoining territories.

    The basis of the exterior design is the synthesis of pragmatic and artistic ideas and solutions aimed at improving the conditions of human existence in a holistic, aesthetically perfect form. Design of a house or a cottage is no less important than building the house itself. House and design are indissoluble concepts.

    Interior (french intrieur - interior, middle from the Latin inerior - closer to the middle): an architecturally and artistically decorated interior of the house, a room that provides a person with favorable living conditions; internal space of a building or a separate room, whose architectural solution is determined by its functional purpose.

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