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On the Kosiv region there are picturesque Hutsul rivers: Rybnitsa, Pistynka, Cheremosh. Swimming in the mountain rivers and, especially, in the waterfalls, gives an unmatched sense of unity with nature and the charge of health and joy. Streams are fast, strong and clean. This is only in the Carpathians - the Sharko shower in the open air. It is worthwhile to consider it, even if it's scary to put your back under a flood. The water temperature in the summer reaches 22 °.
The sanatorium "Carpathian Dawn" offers in the summer a rest for bathing in a pool filled with mineral water (such as Solotvynsky mineral lakes).
You will be greeted in the Carpathian land in accordance with local traditions - they will share national drinks and dishes (banush, mushrooms, delicious trout), entertain an authentic Hutsul song. Have a journey that suits your preference: it's easy and not tedious, or where you can overcome difficulties and experience victory over yourself. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the gifts of the Carpathian forests with mushrooms, blueberries, strawberries.


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Kolyada in Krivoriv. The originality and authenticity of the Hutsul customs and traditions that have survived to this day are attracting many holidaymakers in this land to see the celebration of Christmas holidays - carols in Kryvorivne.

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DSC 1 49The manufacture of clothing is a branch of the artistic textile and furry industry engaged in the manufacture of clothing for the purpose of its use in everyday life, ritual traditions, folk art and as objects of decorative and applied arts.
Hutsul's clothing is a complete set of clothes that includes linen, shirts, hats, outerwear and other items from fabrics, knitwear, fur, leather and other materials.
In the structure of clothing manufacturing in Galician Hutsulshchyna it is possible to distinguish between gowns, shoulder clothes, waistcoats, women's outerwear, clothing accessories, and headgear.

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140The town of Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, is one of the most famous Carpathian resorts. The remarkable nature, rich historical and cultural heritage makes it attractive for tourists not only from Ukraine, but also abroad.

Tourists coming to Kosiv are impressed by the amazing nature: picturesque mountains, mountain rivers and lakes. The absence of industrial enterprises in this area contributes to the presence here of the purest curative mountain air.

Such a place can not be found not only in Hutsulshchyna, or in Ukraine, but in any other corner of the world. Not about him enthusiastically expressed the gifted Ukrainian writer and bandura player from Slobozhanshchyna Ignat Khotkevich: "... I opened my mouth in surprise, having arrived to Hutsulshchina, then so with my open mouth and walked for six years.

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IMG 0643Leather goods - a subdivision of a complex of folk art crafts, which is engaged in the manufacture of leather goods, fur and sewing clothes for the purpose of their use in everyday life, ceremonial traditions, folk art and as objects of decorative and applied arts.

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